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Weather – I count on these sites for daily use, and when those big nasty things circle around the Atlantic – Our live local radar
24/7/365 >>
For Hurricane watching: >>
Camellia Links – A favorite here in Wilmington
Here is the local Tidewater Camellia Club & National Link >>
Bonsai – Our Local Club, with lots of their links from them >>
Bamboo & Palms – for those that like that more “Tropical” look >> >>
Websites from NC State and our local Arboretum >> >>
Just a Few of the Wholesale Sources with great sites >>
Greenleaf Nursery >> >>
National Tropical Botanical Garden >>
Reimer Seeds – When your standard Hot Peppers are just not hot enough! >>
American Camellia Society- This is there Encyclopedia page. >>
Kartuz Greenhouses- rare Tropicals, Begonias, Gesneriads. Try as I might, we just can’t track down everything! >>
Missouri Botanical Garden – Amazing info! >>
Cam Too Camellias – Our source for the best selection of Camellias that grow well here in our area. >>
American Camellia Society – This is there Encyclopedia page. >>
Renee’s Seed – Beautiful Vegetable flower seeds, with an expanding variety of Organic Seeds. The others in the list are as organic as they can get, without the overwhelming amount of work to be labeled as such. >>